European Club Championships day 3

Skrevet av Mark Hornby den .


It was an early start to the day with the first match commencing at 9am. It proved to be a tough match against the Hungarian champions.

First on court were Kim and Sindre. Kim’s match was a tight three one which he did well to win. His match was marked by one of the Hungarian players and there were a number of suspect decisions against the Norwegian. Fortunately Kim did not allow this to disturb his concentration a sign that he is maturing as a tournament player.

Sindre on the adjacent court was finding the early start tough to deal with. His stature is not suited to early morning quick starts and he lost in three straight games unable to find his rhythm.

Following on court after Kim was Lasse, this match was a long attritional battle which he managed to win in five hard fought games. Meanwhile Ronny was two games down in his match but had started a fight back! He duely took the next two games with some consistent play, however he was not able to contain the Hungarian in the fifth who took the bold move of attacking and this tactic paid off. Ronny losing in five hard fought games.

Like yesterday the match score was two all and again like yesterday Hafrsfjord lost by one game on count back….how unlucky is that!

There is no rest for the wicked and Hafrsfjord’s second match of the day was at 13.00 against the Polish champions. The playing order is the same all day so again Kim and Sindre were first on court. Sindre eager to make up for his disappointing performance earlier looked a lot more mobile than he had done earlier in the day. He quickly took control of his match taking it by three games to nil. Meanwhile Kim was making hard work of his opponent next door with some poor length hitting. He eventually found hid rhythm and managed to win three games to one in what was a scrappy performance.

Lasse followed Kim on court and again produced a polished performance against a relatively weak fourth string player. He was never troubled by his opponent and won in three straight games.

Ronny followed Sindre against a feisty young opponent. It was a troubled match interrupted by a string of lets neither player able to settle into a rhythm. At one all in this rubber Lasse had clinched victory for the team with his win, however Ronny wanted to continue with the dead rubber which he duly won by three games to one.

Another early start for the next match tomorrow morning at 10am.


Day 4 finals day

Hafrsfjord’S last match was against Castle Club, champions of Belgium. As it was a play-off match a decision was taken to rest Sindre and play Niclas giving him the opportunity to gain valuable experience at this level.

First on court at 10am were Kim and Lasse. Kim lost by three games to nil against a gutsy opponent who would not let the ball die. On a court across from Kim's Lasse was having a long battle with an experienced tactically astute player. Lasse was giving absolutely everything he could chasing every ball and containing his opponent who produced some delicate touches. This match went to five games and unfortunately the Belgium player just managed to take the last!

Following on the same court as Lasse was Niclas eager to justify the faith shown in him. He started well and took the first game against an opponent of similar age. However in the second his Belgium opponent cut out the mistakes he had made in the first game and levelled the score at one game all. Niclas came out in the third and kept his nerve rallying diligently and taking his chances when they arose. This wise tactical play took him into the lead at two games to one. Fortunately for the Norwegian the fourth game continued with the same pattern of play and Niclas came home a worthy winner by three games to one….well done to him!!

Niclas’s result kept the chance of victory alive. Ronny had followed Kim on court and was in a marathon battle with a player of similar style to himself. Ronny needed to win by the maximum margin to ensure a team victory. His match was characterised by a lot of long rallies down the backhand wall with a high number of lets. This is where the Hafrsfjord captain is at his best relishing the battle that competition at this level brings. He did not disappoint either, doing a captains innings winning by three games to one.

This produced yet another 2-2 draw for Hafrsfjord the third of this tournament. Not only were the matches won equal but the games against were equal too! That will force a count back on points and at the time of writing this the winning team has not been calculated.

Full results from this and all the matches from the event can be found at

European Club Championships day 2

Skrevet av Mark Hornby den .

Today was the completion of the pool matches with Hafrsfjord just having one match. Nevertheless it was important as there was still the possibility of getting into the 5/8 play-off places which would be a great improvement from their 12th seeded position.

The opponents were Edinburgh Sports Club from Scotland who had no world class players but instead a steady string of players.

Kim and Lasse were on court first. Kim’s opponent was an experienced English player who is the Club professional. This was a long five set match which had a wide variety of skills on display. In the end the match was decided by the fact that the ball broke at a crucial time in the fifth game. The new ball was far bouncier than the previous one and this gave the advantage to the Norwegian. Kim rallied well and held is nerve to take the fifth and the match three games to two.

Lasse was on the adjacent court having an enormous battle with a steady player. Although lasse gave it one hundred and ten per cent it was not enough and he went down fighting three games to one.

Following on court after Kim was Ronny. He was playing a younger opponent however the kilos he has lost has given another dimension to his play with increased mobility and fitness. He quickly took command of the match forcing a string of errors from his more fragile opponent and this was to set the pattern for the whole match. The patient tidy play from the Norwegian was enough to win taking the match three games to nil.

Following Lasse was Sindre who lost the first two games against another left hander. A quick change of tactics to shift the play to the back-hand side paid dividends and Sindre managed to claw back the next three games with some determined play.

That win from Sindre ment hafrsfjord were in a count back situation against Sandweiler from Luxembourg who they had drawn two all with yesterday. In the end hafrsfjord lost out by one game on count back meaning they will play-off for 9/12 position assured they are guaranteed to reach their seeding.

European Club Championships day 1

Skrevet av Mark Hornby den .

Hafresfjord’s first match got under way at 12 noon today. It was against Sandweiler the Club champions of Luxembourg. We knew they were strong at first and second string but were beatable at three and four. Kim and Ronny were on first against two formidable opponents. Kim got off to a good start forcing a number of errors from his younger opponent and taking the first game. However the run of play quickly changed after the first and in the last three games his opponent cut out his mistakes and produced a string on winners taking the match by three games to one.

In contrast on an adjacent court Ronny got off to a poor start making a number of uncharacteristic mistakes early in the match. The Norwegian was not able to find his rhythm during this match and lost in straight games.

Following on court after kim are was lasse. He looked very focused right from the start of his match and this showed in his play. The first two games saw him in complete control not allowing his opponent chance to settle. He quickly went into a two game lead.

The pace of the third was slightly different to the first two games. Lasse was tiring and consequently the pace slowed. This suited his opponent who duly took the third game.

The tempo of the fourth was more like the first two games had been. This suited the Norwegian more and although there were some monumental rallies Lasse managed to take the game and the match by three games to one.

Playing at the same time as Lasse was Sindre. He needed to win three nil for us to push the match to a count back on point’s situation. This was a close battle with both players giving their all to win.

Although he won Sindre dropped a game and that was enough to give the team from Luxembourg a winning draw, nevertheless it was a good performance from the team.

The second match of the day was against Colets Squash Club from England. Seeded fourth in the competition they are far stronger than the other teams in this pool and clear favourites to go into the semi-finals. As expected they dominated the match with no hafrsfjord players winning a game. This is disappointing but in a wider scale this type of match is great experience for the players from Stavanger and hopefully will help them develop for the future.

The results from today mean that Hafrsfjord must win against Edinburgh Sports Club from Scotland tomorrow (Thursday) at 13.00 if they are to reach their seeding. It will not be easy!

European Club Championships

Skrevet av Mark Hornby den .

Hafrsfjord Squash Club is representing Norway at this year’s event in Riccione Italy from 17th to 21st September. The event has attracted 17 men’s teams and 11 woman’s teams from across Europe. There are some strong squad’s with a number of top 10 players in world representing various Clubs. James Willstrop represents Mulhouse squash club from France and Nick Mathew plays for Worms squash club from Germany.

Hafrsfjord are without Club stalwart Kristian nevertheless they are seeded 12th and will be hoping to consolidate that position. The squad includes Kim are Ronny Sindre Lasse and Niclas. Daily reports will appear on this blog and full results can be found on

European Individual Championships (finals day)

Skrevet av Mark Hornby den .


Day 4 (Finals day)

All players had their last matches today!

Lotte was on first at 10am on the all Glass court against a French opponent. She started strongly taking the first game comfortably. She continued in the same vein in the second but the third was much closer with the French girl pushing the Norwegian all the way. In the end Lotte managed to hang in and take the match by three games to nil.

Sindre was next on court against one of the many Belgium’s in the draw. Not used to playing so many hard matches in such a short space of time the Norwegian looked weary and tired from the previous days. Never the less he put up a good performance but it was not enough to take the match.

Kim’s last match was against a young up and coming Dutch player. This proved to be a very hard long match with both players giving their all. All the games were close with neither player wanting to give an inch. Towards the end of the final game the Dutch player lost concentration for a few points Kim managed to open up a small lead and that made the difference between the two players. Kim taking the match by three games to two. A nice way to finish the tournament!