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Vellykket junior-NM

What a weekend! Junior NM 2022 was a success. It´s been a year of ups and downs for the juniors, with covid having a big impact on the tournament calendar. But our junior players delivered performances that were impressive in all categories.

Bærum Squashklubb has done a good job organizing an event full of quality matches and impressive results. Well done to the team, headed by Marianne and Geir Hylland.


Over the past weekend, Lysaker was full of enthusiastic players, parents and coaches, competing for the Junior National title in 6 official categories, Boys and Girls u15, u17 and u19.


Since the last Junior NM, we have witnessed impressive progress with all of the juniors, who continue to put big efforts in their training and development, along with their coaches and parents as important support on a daily basis.


Well done to Jonathan Trengereid, Emma Amble, Sebastian Hylland and Camillia Hendy on winning their age group titles! Your performances throughout the weekend were impressive to watch!


Big congratulations to the new champions and podium finishers in all of the events! Congratulations to all the players taking part and making this event a special one for 2022. We look forward to where junior squash will take us in the next few years!


Top results by categories are below:


Boys Under 15

Jonathan Trengereid

Kristian Knoph

Adyan Ali


Boys Under 17

Sebastian Hylland

Fabian Foss

Jonathan Trengereid


Boys Under 19

Sebastian Hylland

Michael Mastalir

Carl-Kristian Knudsen


Girls Under 15

Emma Amble

Maria Isabelle Myrbø

Mariam Akl


Girls Under 17

Camillia Hendy

Norah Fjellgaard

Erle Sølna


Girls Under 19

Camillia Hendy

Norah Fjellgaard

Erle Sølna


Full results can be seen on the link here, through our official partner Rankedin: https://rankedin.com/en/tournament/8483/junior-nm-squash-2022/results