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Excitement Builds for NM Senior Squash Championships 2024

As the weekend approaches, all eyes in the Norwegian squash community are eagerly fixed on the NM Senior Squash Championships, a pinnacle event renowned for its long-standing tradition of crowning the National Champion. Under the experienced organization of Norges Squashforbund (Vibeke and team), this year's tournament promises to uphold its prestigious legacy, drawing players from across the country to compete at the highest level.

On the men's side, anticipation brews as defending champion Andreas Knoph seeks to reclaim his title from last year's victory. However, standing in his path is the formidable Tarek Rezek, the second seed, determined to defend his NM tournament rank by securing a spot in the finals. Keep an eye on Sindre Roaldsøy, aiming to replicate his stellar performance from last year's finals, and Sebastian Hylland, a promising junior whose dedication has propelled him into contention.

Meanwhile, the women's side boasts its own array of talent, with top seed Madeline Hylland, fresh from her victory at the US college nationals, leading the charge. Chloe Kalvø emerges as a fierce challenger, fueled by a season of tough training and tournament experience. In the semi-finals, Irene Fossen and Norah Fjellgaard are squared up to face their formidable opponents, knowing they must show their best performances to contest for victory.

With excitement and anticipation building, Lysaker Squash Club braces for a weekend of fierce competition, promising an unforgettable atmosphere for players and spectators.

(Note: As national coach Mahesh Mangaonkar is sick and forced to stay at home this weekend. Not being able to witness the exciting matches at NM seniors this weekend is definitely a disappointment.)